Headway SAM-1  Sheer Acoustic Magnetic – Active Sound-Hole Pickup

The Headway Active Magnetic Sound-Hole Pickup has an unbelievably natural sound featuring top end sparkle, linearised tones, defined string balance & separation, enhanced dynamics, low noise & zero hum.

  • Uniquely linearised tone via next level Fixed EQ & Filtering
  • Treble & definition generated via H.E.A.T – Harmonic Enhanced Analogue Technology
  • Restores your instrument’s missing upper Octave
  • 100dB dynamic range with an exceptional 10dB in excess of other active pickups
  • Precision Adjustable Height Poles with true ‘b” balancing
  • Die Cast Aluminium enclosure & more versatile positioning via 2 pc mounting
  • Hand Made & Tested in the UK

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