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HE5 ~ Newly released Active Under Saddle Pickup with Co-axiail Cable 360 degree sensing Pickup, now featuring Expensive Pro Audio Integrated Circuit to add complex harmonic richness
Band2 ~ Features New Pickups with higher output, fuller, more natural and clearer sound

Check out this review for The Band2

Christoph Mallinger ~ Professional Violinist, on his

“I’m testing it quite  carefully and can tell you that it works fabulously.
I used the smaller brother edb 2 for 6 years now. 
I was surprised and happy that there is no big change in sound generally compared to the older version.
The EDB-2 H.E is sounding very neutral with great possibilities EQing like the (old) EDB-2. 
I’m using a pick up and microphon combination on my violin so here comes the big difference. It’s such a joy listening what it does, if you are able to control the 2 of them seperatly and the mix it together. 
The possibility of sending just one or both signals to XLR out is fantastic for using with to instruments or instr-vocal .
I would say it’s the bigger brother of the edb 2 and a must for try out for every professional acoustic player. The price as well is astounding.”