Headway Music Audio Limited was founded in 2006 by director John Littler in Oxfordshire, England. It arose from his former partnership, Headway Electronics and has continued to grow taking on new members of staff and expanded into new premises in 2011.

Headway are the UK’s top supplier of pickup systems for hand-made and production workshop guitars and the second largest supplier of retrofit pickups for aftermarket pro installation. The pickups are continually acclaimed as being more natural in tone and response and are easier to use than the alternatives. International, dedicated distribution now reaches at least 20 countries and new markets are being explored on a daily basis.

Originally making just guitar related pickups, Headway have diversified into making pickups for virtually all stringed instruments and in 2001 introduced the world leading, instant fit violin Family pickup, “The Band”. Following from that Headway produced the EDB-1 Pre-Amp which received 5 star reviews and is used by many top artists throughout the world. The current model range is a natural extension of this and has been achieved by listening to musicians and giving them practical solutions to their live sound needs.

The Shire King acoustic amplifiers, although short lived also received glowing reviews and Headway are working on a replacement for this much loved amp, The new “Sheer Acoustic” models will be smaller, more powerful and packed with even more features.

We, the Headway team, strive to produce top quality products with features players need, we offer fast shipping times and a dedicated service & repair department.