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Phosphor Bronze or Bright Bronze?  You decide.
Phosphor Bronze offers a darker, richer tone and may last slightly longer. But since these are both the same great quality lines of coated strings with the same American Steel at their core, we have not noticed differences in their extended string life. Phosphor Bronze are just about the most popular type of Acoustic String and may be preferable on naturally very bright sounding guitars.
Bright Bronze has a different outer bronze wrap under the coating, a popular 80/20 blend which sound brighter and offer harmonics pinging away, up and down the fretboard. Otherwise they are identical. Will brighten up mellow sounding guitars and offer a new dimension with an extended life to the string’s brightness.
Your Everlux coated strings not only stay brighter sounding and looking for longer, but since they arrest corrosion, will resist breakages for longer.  The tough, clear, flexible coating is just enough to smooth your finger slides, but exceptionally thin so that you cannot see it and there is insufficient mass to flake off. As in the Everlux quality, the pricing is even more exceptional on Bright Bronze.
Try a set of each and then decide?
10”s ~ Ultra Light. 10UL.AG:    0.010 – 0.014 – 0.23w – 0.030w – 0.039w – 0.047w   ( 0.254mm  – 1.2mm )
11’s ~ Extra Light. 11EL.AG:    0.011 – 0.015 – 0.024w – 0.032w – 0.042w – 0.052w  ( 0.279mm – 1.3mm )
12’s ~ Light. 12Li.AG:               0.012 – 0.016 – 0.024w – 0.032w – 0.042w – 0.053w  ( 0.305mm  – 1.36mm )
13’s ~ Medium. 13Med.AG:      0.013 – 0.017 – 0.026w – 0.035w – 0.045w – 0.056w ( 0.33mm – 1.42mm )


Everlux “Bright Bronze” ( 80/20 ) “Brighter Look & Sound” Strings

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