What is the difference between an HE4 and a Snake3 Pickup?

The HE4 has a more sophisticated pre-amplifier with the highest possible quality, all discreet components which works on a true Class A format for maximum clarity and lowest possible noise and distortion.

The Snake 3 has a Class A input section offering low noise, high output and a great natural performance at a very competitive price.

Both pickups feature flexible Co-Axial cable pickup sensing 360 degrees and have a fixed EQ tailored to your selected instrument.

Can I fit Headway pickups myself?

No, all our pickups need to be fitted by a reputable luthier/Guitar repair person as most instruments will require the saddle slot to be routed. Please see our list of approved UK installers.

The Impedance switch on my EDB-2 does not appear to do anything, is it faulty?

The impedance switch on EDB-2 has a subtle tonal effect which you will not notice with certain pickups or plugged into certain sound systems. It does not affect volume, compression, noise or hum.

Active Pickups (battery or phantom powered) may only have a slight hardening/brightening of the high treble on the +Hi setting.

The switch is mainly for passive pickups.

A full description of it’s functions is found in the manual.  (Download from EDB-2 product page)