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All Headway servicing and repairs should be carried out by Headway Music Audio Ltd or if applicable, by a professional electronics technician, where approved by Headway Music Audio Ltd.

All returns must be sent pre-paid and should be insured against loss.

Headway Music Audio Ltd will NOT be held responsible for losses in transit or for duty and taxes incurred, e.g. where customs documentation is completed incorrectly.

Customs Declaration forms on returned products sent internationally should be completed and could read:

 “Electrical Musical Instrument Pre-Amplifier unit returned to UK, country of landed origin for Service/Repair. Not for Re-sale.
Value for Customs = $ 25.00. Customs Code: 8518.10.40 .  Unit will be returned to sender.”

*Please note nominal value of $25.00*

 If returning product for repair/service you must include:

i)                 Your full contact details including name, phone number, full mailing address and email address.

ii)               A full description of any problems.

If claiming under Guarantee/Warranty, you must also include:

iii)               Proof of Purchase clearly indicating date, business name and address of dealers who sold the product.

Return Address:

Headway Music Audio Despatch & Returns:
Gary Warmington
Glympton Post Office
Glympton, Woodstock, Oxfordshire.
OX20 1AL   
United Kingdom

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