Headway Music Audio Ltd. proudly presents a new addition to their range of Acoustic Pickups & Pre-Amplifiers. After the success and 5 star reviews of the EDB-1 Equaliser Direct Blend Pre-Amp, Headway, having listened to customer’s feedback we have added the ultra-compact EDM-1.

The EDM-1 boasts Refined Class “A” Inputs and Pro Audio IC Components, easy to read Pro-Audio design layout & sturdy metal housings built to withstand “Life on the Road”. The EDM-1 is supplied with belt clips, rubber feet and is threaded for microphone stands.

“The Swiss Army Knife for the gigging musician.”


The EDM-1 is ultra compact and easy to use:

  • 3 Band EQ
  • Tuneable "Range" Control covers all instruments
  • 9v Phantom Power assignable to "Ring" or "Tip"
  • XLR Adaptor included - Converts Output Jack to XLR Balanced DI Out
  • 3 Way Impedance Selector
  • Earth Lift Switch
  • Mute Switch
  • Battery, Mains or Phantom Powered from Mixer


Irish Music

September 2013

Full review available to download. … you can really fine tune the feedback killing power of this pre–amp. I found it handled everything I threw at it with ease and I was able to set up a clean sound from each of the instruments I tested. Both preamps gave good control over bass, mid and treble and this feature added a richness… …Both equalizers are very well built, housed in sturdy metal casings, with good–sized knurled knobs for the battery compartments which have metal covers and look like they will withstand years on the road. …. Those boxes are a joy in themselves, each is printed with a full layout of the he controls of the preamps, so you know what you have in the box and what the box inside is capable of doing. … I found the output was sweet and clean and the best compliment I could give Headway is that it sounded like there was no electronic colour at all in the sound, which was remarkably authentic. … From what I have heard I am sure they will payback their costs time and time again. Serious equipment for serious musicians, built by a company that has obviously listened to its customers and delivers equipment that is on the money. … I’m pretty sure you will be impressed at just how much fidelity they can bring out of your acoustic instruments.

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