‘New’ EDM1 H.E in stock now

EDM-1 H.E   Equaliser Direct Mini ~ Harmonic Enhancer

Multi-function Pre-amplifier with 3 band EQ, Anti-Feedback/hum, Direct Injection, phase reverse, phantom power, FX Loop and Harmonic Enhancer functions for Superior Acoustic Amplification.

Now PLUS V.2 option is true Condenser Mic Friendly!

Designed in UK.  Made in EU.

EDM-1 H.E provides a beautifully voiced & practical solution to the diverse and critical needs for high quality acoustic musical instrument amplification. Suitable for stage & other Pro Audio Signal Processing

EDM-1 H.E offers a huge range of gain to Interface signals weak or strong with mixers and other devices, highly effective Interactive EQ and other versatile facilities to get the best possible sound from acoustic stringed instruments with low noise from an exceptionally compact unit.

Offers 4 mounting methods & can be stored in Instrument Case in Leather (faux) bag included

The EDM-1 H.E can take on a unique range of functions & qualities:

• Refined Class “A” inputs & Pro Audio IC components • Voiced for clarity, warmth & high gain

at low noise

• Effective 3 Band EQ for problem solving & creativity

• volume slider via control offers 30 dB low noise Gain ~ silent “mute” switch with led


• Newly developed “Harmonic Enhancer” via 3 Way Switch, generates a high end even harmonic

sparkle & zing related tones lost from your guitar from magnetic & piezo pickups & many

microphones, to define string separation & enable cut through in ensembles

• Versatile impedance optimisation of all pickups & audio microphones

• Tuneable “Range” control for extended range of attack on unwanted boom, body handling noise &

feedback to amplify a clearer, more musical tone of instrument ( HPF)

• Leather (faux) bag with headway logo ~ to enable ready “to go” safe storage in instrument case

• Phase Reverse Switch to match diverse dual sources or beat feedback

• Insert point jack offers fx loop / send & return ( tuner etc ) via tip & ring

• XLR Output Adapter included accepts 48v Phantom Power from Mixer to override & save battery &

extend headroom

• Hum Loops busted via Earth Lift switch

• Jack to Jack Plug Adapter included, enables EDM-1 H.E to plug directly into Guitar End Pin Jack

Socket, or link with other signal processors, FX or tuners

• quiet plug in/out via input socket jack

• Phantom Powering of all Pickups & Electret Condenser Mic’s so designed ~ 9v via Tip or Ring

• Powered via 9v PP3 battery included, 48v Phantom Power from Mixer or optional “plus V2” with

Headway’s headroom extending 18v Power Supply ~ 4 Mains plug connector options

• Mounting via rubber feet, belt/Strap clip included, Mic Stand bracket or via “Jack to Jack” Plug

adapter suspended via End Pin Jack Socket

• Sturdy, lightweight Aluminium alloy housing with quality low profile slider pots, switches & long

life sockets

• Easily read BBC Pro Audio design panel layout

• Headway Logo engraved on Brass battery cover thumb nut

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