SAM-1, Now available!

Sheer Acoustic Magnetic SAM-1 – Superior Active Magnetic Soundhole Pickup System for Steel Strung

Acoustic Guitar

Designed and Built in the UK.

A new high in natural sounding Acoustic Guitar from a sound-hole pickup


Sheer Acoustic Magnetic SAM-1 offers a unique sparkling clarity and solid lows with a  natural slow acoustic response, linearised tones and problem free performances, even at the highest volumes.

Developed over 19 years with help from Kent Armstrong (USA) and John East ( East UK). Headway’s Sheer Acoustic Magnetic sound-hole pickups offer a beautifully voiced, practical and versatile solution to high quality steel strung acoustic guitar amplification at all volume levels.

SAM-1 is hum free with ultra low noise and a Line Level output, utilising Fixed Equalisation to a new sophistication, with an integral British Pro Audio design Class “A” Input Pre-amplifier and the best Pro Audio Integrated Circuit available, SAM-1 offers a uniquely linearised sound and greatly increased dynamic range. Specially designed “Enhancer” circuitry adds previously unheard missing octave of sound based on your guitar playing, adding sparkling even harmonics to the notes, with added definition to mid range and low notes for audible string separation.

SAM-1 takes out the muddy, boomy, honk and clang sounds associated with magnetic pickups, ends peakiness without compression and reproduces the tones produced by your Guitar evenly. SAM-1 offers a genuine balance between strings and huge dynamics compared to other magnetic pickups offering sensitivity and power at high volumes before feedback.


Uniquely Great Sound Instantly – transferable or permanent – featuring:

  • Clarity & Headroom – True Humbucking pickup with High Magnetic Steel Core and Poles – Class “A” Input Pre-Amplifier powered at 9 volts with the best quality Pro Audio level “Integrated Circuit” available
  • Realism – Featuring “Enhancer” Harmonic Enhanced Analogue Technology – Adds sparkle at high end with definition and solidity on mid to bass notes
  • Tonal Eveness – Multiple stages of EQ and filtering linearises SAM-1 response for an unprecedentedly even tone
  • Dynamics Maximised for Power and Sensitivity – Exceptionally wide 100dB dynamic range at 10dB greater range than typical alternatives
  • Even String Balances – Core Steel Block sculpted to make strings balance evenly in level and tone between wound and unwound – Fine tuneable via Pole Screw adjustment
  • Rejection of Feedback and Peakiness – Reduced micro-phonics via potted pickup coil & low frequency roll off filtering in Pre-amplifier

High Output & Low Noise – Hum Free Pickup potted in Die Cast Aluminium for Maximum Shielding – Low noise, high gain pro-audio designed circuitry with low capacitance noiseless Output Cable


  • Easy, low impact fitting & Transferability – Simple permanent or non permanent, no solder installation
  • Powering via conveniently sourced 9v Battery – Enhanced headroom and ample lifespan with Low Battery Indicator – also accepts 9v-18v Phantom Power – Battery included
  • All quality sturdy construction – Die cast aluminium with a low flash black epoxy finish, an arched top profile and inset logo – All metal 3.5mm Plug and incredibly reliable European made End Pin Jack Socket
  • Sturdy, Versatile 2 part Aluminium Clamp Mounting – Fits regular sound-holes or many unusual shapes/sizes – Middle to bridge bright area, or mellower “neck”


Headway Quality!  100% Built to last, UK Made and tested. Guaranteed 12 Months + Preferential Support for 5 Years ( subject to registration and terms)

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